Summit General Store Vendor Fulfillment Protocol


  1.  You will receive an email from us and the subject will include the order number.

  2. This is pretty straightforward and will have the items to fulfill and the customer’s shipping address.

  3.  Click the “Print Packing Slip” and print the packing slip to include in the order.

  4. Click the “Print Shipping Label” to open Order Desk, log in details will be included in every email.  

  5. Once you are logged in, click your order number (not the checkbox). 

  6. Set Return Address, your address should be in a down box.

  7. Easy Post: Print shipping labels

  8. Enter the weight. In most cases, you will be selecting “My Packaging”.  Select Fetch rates, USPS First Class.

  9. Once the rate is selected, click the “Create Label” button and a new window will pop up so you can print your label. 

  10. All tracking information will be synced to us and an email will be sent to the customer.